Africell Gives Fille Live Band Concert a 30M Boost

Just a few days to the much anticipated #FilleInLiveBand concert, telecommunications company Africell Uganda has announced a Shs 30million sponsorship package to boost the concert and to further stamp their position in promoting Ugandan talent.

The sponsorship was announced on Tuesday January 30th at a press conference held at the telecom’s head office in Kampala.

Word making rounds is that when Africell takes on a concert, it’s bound to be a success.

This, we have witnessed from concerts like Purple Party, Ykee Benda and Sheebah’s listener’s parties and more recently Lutalo’s Wololo as well as Fik Fameica’s maiden concert earlier this year.

Once taken for a faded artiste, Fille had a beautiful 2017 with hits like No Kombya, Nakupenda, Katijo among others. It’s all signs this is a concert to watch especially being the very first by female artiste this year.

The sponsorship was confirmed by the telecom’s PR Manager Edgar Karamagi, ticket sales look very promising and they are very hopeful it will be another sale out.

”Fille is a great artiste, we are a great telecom so the opportunity here is mutual. We recently did Lutalo, it was a big event and we are hoping to record another full house.” Edgar said.

We spoke to Fille and she promises fire and ice on the concert come Friday the 2nd at Golf Course Hotel.

”I am rehearsing really hard. As I said, it’s a live band show and I will be showing music lovers why I am the RnB Queen,” Fille says.

Fille will be accompanied by top acts like sheebah, Bebe Cool, Apass, B2C, Geosteady Blackman among others. Tickets go for 20k and 50k for Ordinary and VIP respectively.

Charity Mbabazi