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Museveni Speaks out on al-Shabaab Attack on UPDF Base


Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni has spoken out on an al-shabaab terrorist attack on an Amison base on Easter Sunday.

Museveni has praised the UPDF soldiers in Somalia for dealing al-shabaab a blow.

“On Easter Sunday our soldiers in Somalia heroically gave serious blows to Al-Shabaab, killing 36 of them and destroying six vehicles full of explosives,’ wrote Museveni.

Museveni said the UPDF soldiers were able to deal al-shabaab a blow “because they were alert”.

Museveni also contradicted earlier reports that only four UPDF soldiers had been killed in the attack.

Instead, the president put the figure at eight.”

“Unfortunately, two vehicles of the enemy entered one of the three sites attacked. One vehicle was detonated and killed eight of our soldiers.”

Museveni has since mourned the fallen soldiers.

“May their souls rest in eternal peace. I extend condolences to their families.”

Museveni further praised the UPDF soldiers, and assured of the war against al-shabaab.

“It is gratifying, however, that the bold but adventurous strategy of Al-Shabaab failed. With constant vigilance, victory is assured,” further wrote Museveni.

“I congratulate our soldiers for the good work they did yesterday, the death of eight of our soldiers not withstanding.”



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