PHOTOS: Excitement as The Silent Rave Goes to Mukono

Last Saturday, Mukono town had its share of Club Pilsener’s silent disco dubbed “The Silent Rave”.

Featuring The Almost Famous DJs, Impressions bar hosted the event that attracted mostly campusers flock nightspot.

The silent disco featured 12 young talented DJs that delivered the hottest Reggae, Dancehall, African, EDM and Hiphop tracks.

To start the night off with a spin, Club Pilsener offered free beers that evidently got the crowd fired up.

Female deejay, DJ MaryJo aka Adero Marianne delivered her best of African music mash up. As the guest DJ of the night, she got party animals on their toes and dancing.

The other deejays that took Mukono through the night were Dj Jagen, Dj Waga, Dj Marcus De Virus and Dj Kiko among others, who all brought crazy energy to the turn tables.

See photos:

Audrey Ninsiima