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Fresh Clashes Erupt in South Sudan Amid Peace Deal Completion

South Sudan’s main rebel group (SPLM-IO) say they recaptured from government troops two areas ofYei River state.

“This morning, our gallant forces under a joint command of Brig. Gen. Emmanuel Lemi Lo Mukaya, Col. Samuel Gai and Col. Noel Lomeri launched a coordinated counter-attack after the SPLA captured Jamara and Kupera last Wednesday,” the group said in a statement.

“The anti-peace SPLA [South Sudan army] have been successfully flushed out and we have seized full control of our territory,” it adds.

According to the rebel faction, 13 SPLA soldiers allegedly went missing in action, scores wounded and the rest are “miserably scattered into bushes and are being pursued by our brave force”.

The main rebel group, however, said they remain committee to the peace process, despite the “constant” aggression from government troops, and vowed to respond to any further provocation from Juba.

On Saturday, the SPLM-IO said government forces continued carrying out a large-scale attack on their position in Yei River state.

The rebel group further called on the ceasefire monitoring body (CTSAMM) and the UN peacekeeping mission (UNMISS) to investigate the attack and take note of this additional violation.

The government and the main armed group rebels signed a ceasefire agreement in December 2017 and recommitted themselves to it again on 27 June 2018

These attacks, if verified, will be the first of its kind for more than a month.