Unboxing and First Impressions of Infinix Hot S3X; What to Expect Inside

The launch of the Infinix mobility’s new flagship device, the Infinix Hot S3X was announced in early – August, sparking conversations on what more the device would have compared to the previous ones in the Hot Series.

The phone hit the Ugandan Market in late August; and not that anyone would be surprised, the device lived up to the billing being the first of a kind android powered device with the biggest notch screen and an A.I Selfie camera.

We acquired the device on Tuesday September 4th, close to a fortnight after the official unveiling of the device.

Although we are not in position to describe how the device functions or give a full review, we did a quick unboxing of the phone so you can get to know what to expect inside the box.

The Infinix Hot S3X comes in a green rectangular box with a bold picture showing the front and the back view of the device.

The box has a black seal which if broken will show the device is tampered with. Make sure the seal is intact if you are purchasing the device.

Opening the box will leave you faced with the Infinix Hot 3X. Its screen faces up, covered with a green and white protective sticker.

The phone is held on top of a white envelope that contains its user manual and a warranty. Below the envelope is another envelope that contains a rubber phone cover which basically acts as a shock absorber in the occasion that the device falls down.

Going deep into the INfinix Hot S3X box, you will find other items including a micro USB cable, Infinix-Branded AC adapter, a pair of earphones, and a simcard plate key.

Peeling off the protective sticker on the phone screen reveals a wide a wide 6.2 inch notch screen with a camera and led flash on top, separated by the speaker.

There is also a transparent sticker at the back covering the metal print glossy back cover. The sticker has two serial numbers and instructions on how to insert the simcards.

It has two camera lenses at the back and a led flash just below the lenses.

Towards the middle of the back is a finger print sensor which is strategically located for the index finger to rest there as one holds the phone.

The device’s top border only has a slot for the jack pin and the rest of the border is smooth and blank.

The bottom border is occupied by the speakers, microphone grill and USB type 2.0 port.

The left side has the simcard plate while the right is occupied by volume keys and the power button.

Final Impression

The Infinix Hot S3X is a very classy looking device despite the striking resemblance to an iPhone X.

It’s easy to hold because of the firm grip provided by its glossy back cover.

Its big screen will be an added advantage for gamers and lovers of big screens.

We’ll be publishing a full review of the device after 14 days of use and checking but its already available on the market at a price of Shs. 700,000.


Paul Mugume