Kirumira’s Wife Speaks Out on Husband’s Murder

Former Buyende District Police Commander Muhammad Kirumira’s wife, Mariam Kirumira has spoken out on her husband’s murder.

Kirumira and a woman identified as Resty Nalinya Mbabazi were gunned down by unknown assailants at Bulenga at around 9:00 PM on Saturday evening.

The police officer was driving his car Toyota Corona UAJ 228V.

Speaking to journalists at Mulago Hospital Mortuary where her husband’s body was taken from Lubaga Hospital, Mariam Kirumira said she learnt about the shooting through a phone call.

“I was at home at home at 8:00pm when I got a call informing me that he had been gunned down,” Mrs Kirumira said.

She noted that government should have been able to prevent her husband’s death.

“Government knows what is going on; government was aware of this situation   and it was aware when it started. It should find a way of putting an end to this. We are being pressured but we have no way of defending ourselves. Government should think of helping us,” she said, adding that, “Today they took mine tomorrow they will take someone else’s. When we ask how our people get killed we get no answers.”

Muhammad Kirumira is expected to be laid to rest today (Sunday 9th September, 2018) at Mpambiro, in Mawokota.

Moses Kayigwa