1 Killed, Several Arrested in Connection to Mohammad Kirumira Murder

The Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) has arrested a number of suspects in connection to the recent shooting of former Buyende District Police Commander, Mohammad Kirumira.

This was revealed by President Yoweri Museveni in a tweet on Monday morning.

“I am sure I am speaking on behalf of many of you when I congratulate the CMI squads which arrested a number of suspects in the killing of ASP Kirumira on Friday night. Quite a number of them will appear in court soon,” the president wrote.

The president further revealed that one of the suspects identified as Abdu Katerega was killed during the process of Arrest.

“One of them, by the names of Kateregga Abdu, was shot and later died of his injuries. It turns out that Kateregga was one of the ADF terrorists that had benefited from Amnesty in the past.”

Kirumira was gunned down on the evening of Saturday September 8th at Bulenga. He was travelling together with another lady who was also killed on spot.

Moses Kayigwa