Lukwago Celebrates Jennifer Musisi Resignation

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago says the resignation of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) executive director Jennifer Musisi Ssemakula is “momentous’.

Addressing reporters in Kampala on Tuesday, a day after Musisi announced her resignation, Lukwago said: “I am happy it has come to pass.”

Lukwago admitted that he was excited – as he addressed reporters, he smiled, lighting up his face that is normally gloomy when the name ‘Musisi’ rolls down his lips.

For Lukwago, this is the day that God has made for him to rejoice and be glad.

“I knew that one day I would see that lady pack her bags and go home,” he told reporters.

“This is the day.”

He also admitted excitement had made him go overboard.

“It’s a momentous occasion for me,” he said.

“I am sorry to go overboard but it’s because of excitement.”

Musisi and Lukwago have been embroiled in a cat-and-mouse chase, with President Yoweri Museveni using the KCCA ED to render the lord mayor ceremonial.

Lukwago has had issues with delay of his salary and impeachment woes, all seemingly Museveni’s machinations to rid “Kampala of the opposition”.

Lukwago is an ally of Dr Kizza Besigye, Museveni’s fiercest critic for close to two decades.

In her resignation letter, Musisi cited political reasons.

“One of the main challenges has been to reconcile the competing interests between political perspectives/decisions and the strategic plans, policies, regulations and work plans of the KCCA Technical Team,” Musisi wrote to Museveni.

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Marion Ayebazibwe