Luga-Flow Rapper Mulekwa Nampeera is Dead

Ugandan Luga-flow rapper Mulekwa Nampeera is dead, The Tower Post has learnt.

Fellow rapper St. Nelly-sade, while speaking to this website described Mulekwa’s death as “Sad news for Ugandan Hip-Hop”.

St. Nelly-sade revealed that Mulekwa succumbed to cancer, which he had been battling for some time.

Born Denis Kalimu Nampeera, Mulekwa was a multi-talented Hip-Hop artiste.

A Luga-flow artiste and powerful lyricist raised in the Ghettos of Bwaise, a Kampala Surburb, Mulekwa was popular for his songs like “Byawongo”, “Abaana Bano”, “Bukokola” and “Ebikolwa Byange among others.

He was a member of the Hip Hop group ‘Abenganda Clan’, which was made up of himself (Mulekwa), Mukunja Roykm (RIP), Dorcus Klose.

May his soul Rest in Peace.



Audrey Ninsiima