Mc Kats Drops Shammy K

Mc Kats is not Shammy K’s manager anymore. This follows a war of words between Kats and a one Side Soft who describes as Shammy K’s real manager. Side Soft is a music producer. It is through Side that Kats met Shammy consequently establishing a working relationship. Kats has often used Shammy as a bragging asset saying that he has invested a lot of money in the artiste. Side, however, denies the claims saying that Kats has never injected even a penny.

The feud between Side and Mc Kats that has led them to spill their dirty linen in public started when Mc Kats took to his social media and accused Side Soft of fleecing him of his money totalling to 7M. This was on account that he (Side) was paying Fille Mutoni’s rehab bills.

“I was not talking to Fille then, but when Side told me she had been admitted in rehab in Rwanda, I started to provide financial support through him. Only recently when I started talking to Fille again, she denied ever receiving my support,” Kats says.

Kats says he did not expect a friend like Side to do such a thing to him. “I have helped Side Soft’s artiste and invested my money. How can he do this to me?”

Side, on the other hand, says Kats has never been Shammy’s manager. “I have been footing all the bills on my own; the music videos and all. Kats is poor. He cannot give me 7M. He cannot finance an artiste as he claims.”

Audrey Ninsiima