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Umeme Speaks Out on Murchison Falls Dam Project

Umeme has added its voice to the burning debate on whether a power dam should be constructed at Murchison falls or not.

Speaking to the press on Thursday, Umeme’s Board Chairman, Patrick Bitature said government should tread carefully on the matter.

I encourage government to think carefully about what they are doing and not to rush in because we need power,”he said.

Adding that, “I am a Champion of Tourism. I prefer that we promote Tourism in the long run, and this Murchison Falls is such a unique place.”

Last month, government gave a go ahead for a feasibility study to be done on possibility of building a power plant.

Bitature says government should look at other options instead of focusing on Murchison.

“Murchison should be our last resort. However we should stop government from doing its work. Government is supposed to plan and it wants to be strategic so that it’s not caught off guard in the future.