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Besigye Reveals Strategy for 2020


Opposition big wig, Kizza Besigye has vowed to unravel more action come 2020.

Besigye announced his plans for while delivering the end of year address to the public in his residence at Kasangati.

“This year was a direct consequence of the actions we had taken earlier to bring the country under the control of the people of Uganda,” he said.

Besigye said the new year will be a year of double action.

“During next year, if you stand in the way of our rights, we shall push you. It will be a push versus push until there is respect for every Ugandan,” Besigye told the press.

He further called out on the international community to join the struggle.

“Our struggle for rights won’t be dependent on them. We will fight to free ourselves whether the international community joins us or not.”

Besigye also said he is in talks with various opposition leaders to field one candidate from the opposition come 2021.



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