Ngora RDC Fails to Pay Debt

Ngora Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Ongoria is in a spot of bother after failing to pay a hospital bill amounting to 4,536,500Ugx.

On his wedding, one of Onoria’s cars knocked a one Paul Eriu who sustained serious injuries. Onoria who was not in the car promised to cater for the hospital bills. Eriu was admitted at Soroti regional referral hospital before he was later transferred to Kumi Orthopedic Hospital.

According to a relative of the victim, “Since it was his wedding day, I took his words in good faith. Even when Doctors referred us to Kumi Orthopedic Hospital, I kept updating him. We spent over 4.5 million at Dr Ekure’s Hospital for our Brother’s broken thigh operation plus other costs,” says the victim’s brother, Eseru.

Eseru says efforts to contact the RDC have been in vain as they barely get any positive response. “The RDC is now threatening us.”

He says he borrowed money to clear the hospital bills hoping that the RDC would come through, but it turns out his promises have not yielded anything.

Our Reporter