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URA Nabs Man with Chemicals Used to make Fake Dollars


Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has on Wednesday nabbed a man who was smuggling a machine used to make fake dollars. The man, a South Sudanese national was travelling from Kenya to South Sudan.

“Today morning, we arrested a gentleman called Duach Toang from Nairobi who was travelling to South Sudan aboard a bus at the Malaba entry point,” says Ian Rumanyika the URA acting Assistant Commissioner for Public and Corporate Affairs.

He further stated that “When we were searching the hand luggage through our scanners, we noticed that there were items that were very unclear to us and we did a further search. And on doing a further search, we found out that he was carrying batches of small cut paper which were sized in sizes of U.S. dollar notes.”

He was found with small tins of chemicals which he uses to mix and then pour on this paper

“We tried out this experiment with him and we found out that the moment the chemical gets in touch with the paper, it immediately turns into small fake US dollar notes.”

URA is working to find out whether he is alone or he has a gang.



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