Home Editor Picks We Will not Be Pressurized to Reopen Border With Uganda—Kagame

We Will not Be Pressurized to Reopen Border With Uganda—Kagame

Rwandan president Paul Kagame. Courtesy Photo

President Paul Kagame has said that Rwanda will only open borders with Uganda at their own convenience. Adding that pressuring them or manipulation won’t change their stance.  He made the remarks on Wednesday while meeting with diplomats and representatives of international organizations designated to Rwanda. The border has been closed since February 2019. Rwanda accuses Uganda of aiding rebel groups, arresting and harassing of Rwandans in Uganda, among other things. Uganda, on the other hand, accuses Kigali of slapping a trade embargo on Uganda; aggressive espionage; closing the Gatuna border; uprooting prominent Ugandans from the Rwandan economy and orchestrating a hate campaign against Uganda and its officials.

Kagame revealed that there is progress in solving differences between the two countries, however, Uganda, he said has made the border issue more weighty. “Even if you removed the borders, the issues Rwanda has raised with Uganda will remain, mainly the hundreds of Rwandans who have been jailed in Uganda,” he said.

Going on to say, “We will soon meet in Angola but nothing will change if these issues are not solved.”



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