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Retired Judge Kanyeihamba Sued Over Defamation


Retired judge George William Kanyeihamba is in a spot of bother. A Supreme Court judge Esther Kisaakye has dragged him to court over defamation in his book, ‘IN THE NAME OF GOD, TRUTH & JUSTICE’.

In a suit filed before the High Court in Kampala, justice Kisaakye accuses Kanyeihamba and a one Michael Kalule Buwembo trading as MICAR BOOKS  of defamation, invasion of privacy, unlawful conduct, general damages, exemplary damages, aggravated damages and permanent injunction.

In the book, Kanyeihamba published a letter he wrote to Chief Justice Bart Katureebe questioning Justice Kayeihamba’s academic credentials. Kisakye describes the letter as defamatory and unlawful.

“The complaint letter purported to have inside knowledge of the plaintiff’s (Justice Kisaakye) academic qualifications, judicial acts and omissions, court correspondence which the defendants (Justice Kanyeihamba and Mr Buwembo) are all not privy to under any element of law,” reads in part the court documents.

The letter describes Justice Kisaakye as not being worthy of her office. Kayeihamba in the letter asked that the judiciary investigates Justice Kisakye.

Justice Kanyeihamba also wrote in his letter about his recorded discussion with Katureebe concerning Kisakye’s conduct and qualifications.

“You told me that she has consistently defied you as Chief Justice in the Supreme Court by not circulating her draft judgements to you and colleagues for comment or corrections before delivery, which is against the practice in court,” court documents read in part.

Justice Kisaakye states that “The plaintiff’s exposure and reputation which extends far and wide beyond Ugandan borders has been severely and wantonly attacked and injured in said letter published in the said book,” court documents further read.

She says that the book paints her in way that is demeaning, as someone who doesn’t cooperate with her colleagues and disrespects the Chief Justice.

She wants Kanyeihamba to hire a public relations firm to clear her image by publishing content on a reputable television clearing her image.




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