Singer Pallaso Attacked by Xenophobic Mob in South Africa

Ugandan musician Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso is said to be in danger after being attacked by a xenophobic mob in Johannesburg, South Africa on Wednesday evening.

The singer revealed in a live video via Facebook that he was driving with a friend when he was attacked by a mob of over 100 people including children who were holding stones, sticks and machetes.

“They attacked us and beat us up. I managed to run but they kept running after me. Am currently hiding in a garage at a school. Please pray for me, I need help,” said Pallaso who was shedding tears.

Pallaso further revealed that he was in too much pain as he had been hit with stones, pierced and cut by his attackers. He linked the brutal attack to xenophobia.

The singer recently travelled to South Africa with Ugandan comedy duo Madrat and Chiko for a show.

Tower Post News understands that he decided extend his stay to visit friends and shoot a music video.

Pallaso is a brother to singers Jose Chameleons and Weasel of the Radio and Weasel duo.

By publication time, our news desk had learnt that the singer had been rescued and was receiving treatment in hospital.

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