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MP Akol Sent out of Parliamentary Chambers Over Coronavirus

Anthony Akol, the Kilak North Count Member of Parliament (MP) has on Thursday been ordered to leave the parliamentary chambers and go into isolation after he admitted to having recently travelled to South Korea and later South Africa, but was never screened on his return at Entebbe Airport.

“You admitted on the Hansard that you travelled to these places. Please go and self-quarantine yourself,” Ms Kadaga said on Thursday.

The speaker announced through Twitter that she had sent Akol out: “I’ve ordered Kilak North County MP, Anthony Akol, to exit the plenary chambers, immediately. This followed his disclosure while giving a point of info, that he had returned from South Korea on March 5, this year but had not been checked  for the Coronavirus.”

Kadaga advised other MPs to avoid non-essential travels

According to the World Health Organization,  1,192 new cases and 34 new deaths have been reported since Wednesday.
China – has had 80,793 cases, of which 3,169 were fatal. There have been 15 new infections and 11 deaths since Wednesday, while 62,793 people have recovered from the virus.

Outside China, a total of 44,500 cases have been recorded around the world since the epidemic began, including 1,431 deaths. Some 1,177 cases are new, with 23 new deaths.