Comedian Salvado Preaches Entrepreneurship to Students

The son of the famous village Ombokolo, comedian Patrick Idringi aka Salvado is now lecturing entrepreneurship in higher institutions of learning as a guest lecturer. Salvador was invited by the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) to speak to Nkumba and YMCA during the NSSF Career Expo 2020.

The Africa Laughs star was invited to give a talk about self-startups, how to manage finance by young people and common mistakes made by young in handling their finance.

YMCA students who did not hide their excitement upon seeing the seasoned comedian flooded the venue and before the lecture had started, they were yarning for selfies with the Ambassador of Ombokolo.

Salvador who is a Makerere graduate of Telecom Engineering started off the lecture with his story of how started his career as an Engineer in one of the biggest Telecom company and ended up on stage as a stand-up comedian. Salvador resigned from his office job in 2010 and joined Stand-up comedy auditions from Multichoice and he managed to be the second winning US$5000 after Kenneth Kimuli aka Pablo who was the winner of the completions.

“I realized that I was doing serious things but getting unserious money but now I am doing unserious things but getting serious money,” Salvador said.

The father of two told the students that they should not be stuck to what they learnt in class because the society outside school is different and needs people with open minds, who can adjust to different the changing environment.

He added that most of the Uganda have failed to attempt to start any business because when they only see starting capital in terms of cash, mentioning that there is a lot of untapped human or social capital that is capable of starting and maintaining any business in the world

Of course, comedy was his best way of delivering his lectures as he tried to emphasize the relevance of technology in searching for knowledge when he jokingly said that even you want to become the best  night dancer in town , you can go to YouTube and get the most recent information.

Audrey Ninsiima