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Telecommunication Companies Join Fight Against Coronavirus

A day after MTN’s chief executive officer Wim Vanhellephute announced the company’s plans to fight the Coronavirus among which included sending money up to 30,000UGX for free, getting 1Gb data at 2,000UGX from 9 am to 5 pm, rival telecommunication, Airtel Uganda has joined the the struggle.

“As part of the support, effective March,20 2020, all on-net person to person transactions will be free for 30 days for any number of transactions and value,” the Airtel managing director, VG Somasekhar has announced

Somasekhar says the move is aimed at supporting efforts to control the spread of the deadly coronavirus pandemic by promoting conversion of physical cash to digital or electronic transactions.

The telecommunication companies say they are indebted to the government and other stakeholders for efforts and proactive measures aimed at ensuring safety of Ugandans and that they will continue supporting them.

At least 8,648 people globally have died from COVID-19 , as the virus is officially known, while more than 207,000 infections have been confirmed in at least 166 countries and territories, according to the World Health Organization. In the neighboring countries, Rwanda has registered 11 cases, Kenya 7 Tanzania 4.

Uganda has not yet confirmed any case of Coronavirus.