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Museveni Orders 14-Days Lockdown to Prevent Coronavirus Spread


President Museveni has on Monday ordered a total lockdown for 14 days effective March, 30th, 2020 (today). The President said the government had decided to take the tough measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus because if they don’t act now, the virus could spread like a wildfire.

“We have come to the conclusion that it is better that we error on the side of caution,” he said

“We, therefore, think that there is less risk by taking maximum restrictions,”

The President announced a ban on private movements. “The ban on private movements takes effect at 10pm today. We know that if we give them more time, they will try to run,”

Museveni says there is no guarantee that people listening to the precautionary measures put in place previously.

“Since we are not sure that our people listened, it is better not to take any risk by assuming that many people took heed, that is why we have decided that:”

The President has also directed the closure of shopping malls, arcades for 14 days starting with April 1, 2020. This includes all the main food stores.”

“Established food markets in Kampala and other towns should continue to be open but with precautions of 4 meters between buyer and seller and seller to seller. The seller must not go home during the 14 days.”

“Supermarkets should remain open but with clear SOP’s. They should monitor the number of people that enter the supermarket.”

The President also directed that the lodges and salons should be closed.

The essential services are healthy services, veterinary, telecommunications, petrol stations, fire brigade and some KCCA staff should continue to operate. URA should also continue to operate. Among the groups to continue to operate is also UNRA”

The President has also said no gathering of more than five people will be allowed.




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