Thursday, August 6, 2020
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Police Warns Taxis Drivers Against Violating Curfew Time

The Uganda Police force has advised Taxi drivers and other chauffeur drivers to keep time as they make a return to roads again. The police released the statement on Wednesday, June 4.

“We would like to remind all motorists to plan for their movements early. Those who will violate the curfew time will be arrested and their vehicles impounded,” a statement from the police forces read in part.

The President on Monday, June 1 directed all taxis, buses and minibuses to resume work on June, 4 but with strict guidelines.

Taxi drivers were directed to take temperatures of their passengers before entering being allowed to enter the taxis. Every passenger should have a face mask. Passengers are to sit 4 meters away from each other in line with social distancing practises.

Boda Boda’s were ordered to continue carrying cargo until the country returns to normalcy.

Though members of parliament petitioned the government to extend the lockdown after several motorists were arrested during curfew time last week, the government seems to be not forthcoming yet.