Nyanjura Doreen Cries Out as Her Campaign Posters Banners are Defaced

Kampala Capital City Deputy Lord Mayor Doreen Nyanjura has cried out as her rivals have resorted to defacing her campaign posters.

Nyanjura who is also the incumbent woman LC5 Councilor for Makerere University took to social media to call upon her colleagues to “be civil in politicking.”

“It is very absurd that colleagues have began playing the Politics of malice and sabotage as early as now.”

“As Team Nyanjura, we’re solely hurt by the recent acts of defacing all our campaign materials allover. Our banners around campus were all brought down and posters are being plucked off as soon as we put them up.”

“We call upon others to desist from such modus operandi because of how ignoble it is. Let us be civil even in our politicking! We will continue to champion a pro-people campaign.”

The Forum for Democratic Change Iron Lady is seeking another term in the office she has held since 2016.

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