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How Police Plotted the Arrest of 21 People in Kireka Sex Party

Police over the weekend carried out an operation arresting over 20 people who had organized a sex party in Kireka, a Kampala surburb.

The party was being held at a private residence and there was not a lot of word about it on social media or it’s venue which has left people wondering how Police was able to pin point the location.

The Tower Post understands that the Police learnt about the planning of the party but didn’t have reasonable cause to stop it opting to wait and capture the revelers in the act.

“Intelligence got information about the party and planted informants to monitor and inform the police when the party has started,” Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Patrick Onyango said.

“Towards midnight, the police was notified that the sex games had started and we swung in action. We got the participants red-handed,” Onyango added.

According to information obtained by this website, revelers were charged UGX 30,000 for ordinary tickets and UGX 50,000 for VIP.

VIP revelers had access to sex, sex games, a massage and a happy ending while ordinary revelers had access to only sex and sex games.

Images shared by Police show women and men dressed only in underwear with alcohol.

“They have been arrested and detained at Kira Division Police Station on charges of disobedience of lawful orders and doing acts that are likely to cause the spread of infectious disease, which is coronavirus,” Onyango said.

There is no clear rule restricting people from having sex parties in their homes.

But the act of gathering masses in a time when Uganda is hit by the Coronavirus pandemic is against the Presidential Directives and the Standard Operating Procedures set by the Ministry of Health.