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Presidential Candidate Katumba Given Cash, Food by Nakasongola Residents


Youthful Independent Presidential candidate, John Katumba who started his presidential campaign yesterday was well welcomed in Nakasongola, Central Uganda.

At 4pm, Katumba arrived in Nakasongola town council aboard a Super Custom donated to him earlier in the day by City Pastor, Franklin Mondo Mugisha to aid the movement during campaigns.

Katumba who had no designated place for a rally jumped off the Super Custom and decided to address residents at Nakasongola taxi parking yard.

However, Policemen commanded by Nakasongola District Police Commander Patience Ninsiima ordered him to look for a better venue and he decided to walk through the town waving to residents.

The excited residents donated food and an unspecific amount of money to help him buy fuel for the car to continue with the campaigns. He also visited market vendors in Nakasongola market and asked them to vote for him.

Sam Mukasa, a resident in Nakasongola town is among those who donated cash to Katumba saying he was a courageous young man to challenge incumbent President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Others said that they decided to donate after earlier reports that Katumba was struggling unlike other candidates.

Katumba later addressed residents through UBC Buruuli FM, a government radio station for four minutes before he proceeded to Masindi.

He asked residents to vote for him so as to help them address the poor road network to enable them transport their heads of cattle to markets.

He also promised to construct more health centers to benefit the community and empower youths to get jobs.

Katumba is expected to campaign in Masindi on Tuesday.

Nakasongola boasts of 2,689.43 kilometers of road network Including trunk, feeder and community roads but many remain impassable, especially during the rainy season. The area is dominated by pastoralists.





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