Thursday, February 25, 2021
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We Are Leaving But Not Leaving – Police on Vacating Bobi’s Premises

The order by the High court in Kampala directing the Uganda People’s Defence Force – UPDF and the Uganda Police to vacate Robert Kyagulanyi’s premises might have fallen on deaf ears, The Tower Post has learnt.

Police says they will leave Kyagulanyi’s home but will keep a close eye out on all his movements so that he isn’t tempted to break the law.

“We shall maintain surveillance to ensure he doesn’t break the law. We have to ensure security is maintained since it is our prerogative to ensure we detect and prevent crime,” Enanga said.

According to Police spokesperson CP Fred Enanga, this constant surveillance on Bobi Wine is in a bid to stop him from leaving his premises to create chaos because of the recently concluded presidential elections, something intelligence agencies have referred to as Plan B. This is also an effort to keep the legislator safe.

The directive to vacate Kyagulanyi’s premises was issued on Monday morning following the hearing of a motion by NUP lawyers challenging his house confinement.

Bobi Wine has been held under house confinement since Thursday January 14th, with Police claiming they are preventing him from causing chaos in the capital city.