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Soroti Main market Contractor to Threatens Quit over Unpaid Arrears

There is currently tension between the officials at Soroti City Authority and a section of vendors over the decision by the company hired to construct the market threatening to demobilize and remove their personnel and security from the site over unpaid arrears.

In a letter dated 21st May, 2021 issued by the Director Techno Three Uganda Limited Jang Bahader Singh Wazir to the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Local Government copied to Project Manager Plantek Limited, Eng. Emmanuel Mwebaze Contract Manager and Soroti City Town Clerk, the company wants Soroti City to take over the management of the market.

“Reference is made to the certificate of Practical Completion issued on 30th October, 2020 upon our substantial completion of the works. Further reference is made to clause 7.2 of the general conditions of contract which provides that; The Employer shall take over the site and the works within seven days of the Project Manager’s issuing certificate of completion. It’s Close to seven months later and the site has still not been taken over by your team,” Reads a letter in Part.

Bahader in his letter adds that; “We are incurring monthly expenses in maintaining the site through providing security, water, cleaning and lighting and power. We have written to the project manager regarding this issue to have these costs certified for payment in a letter date 14th May, 2021.”

“The Purpose of this communication is to notify you that we plan to demobilize and remove our personnel and security from the site with effect of 1st June, 2021. We shall not be held for any loss of or damage to the works on the site after that.” Added Bahader in his letter.

Mr. Bahader has now called on the authorities to take over the site and organize security to protect the site as soon as possible before they demobilize their team on the ground by 1st June, 2021.

This reporter has established that, on 14th May, 2021 Techno Three Uganda Limited leadership wrote to the managing director Plantek Limited requesting for cost incurred for between 30th October 2020 to 31st May 2021.

This reporter has established that Techno Three Uganda Limited has been spending a total of Uganda shillings 932,018 weekly for the payment of water bills among others.

But in response the managing Director Plantek Managing Director has written to the management of Techno Three Uganda Limited confirming their willingness to take over the market before 1st June, 2021.

Soroti Main market is being constructed using a loan from the African Development Bank worth shs23.4 billion will in addition to stalls and lockups have CCTV cameras linked to the Soroti Central Police Station, 500,000 litre water tank, butcheries, chicken cages, cold rooms and service centers: tailoring, pharmacies, financial institutions and small scale value addition units.