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Kenyans Blast Bobi Wine for Endorsing Babu Owino

Bobi Wine shares a light moment with Kenyan legislator Owino babu in Kenya.

Kenyans on Twitter have lashed at former Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine over his message where he endorsed Babu Owino for Embakasi East Member of Parliament.

Bobi Wine who has been popular for endorsing politicians in Uganda and some other African countries recorded a video calling upon Kenyans to vote Babu Owino in the 2022 general elections.

“I am sending greetings to my people in Kenya, more particularly, the people of Embakasi where my brother Babu Owino comes from. I want to remind you that it’s very important for you to assert your constitutional right. So, please register and make sure you are able to vote,” Bobi Wine said.

“And of course when you go out to vote, please vote my brother Babu Owino,” he added.

The video which was shared by Kenyan television K24 TV received bitter reactions from Kenyans on Twitter who called out Bobi Wine the “freedom fighter” for siding with an oppressor of the common man.

“Does Bobi Wine know that his friend shot an innocent person and the victim is now fighting for his life? He is complaining about Museveni in Uganda but here he wants Kenyans to vote this sharp shooter in 2022,” a one Justus Kemboi commented.

In January 2020, Owino was arrested for shooting an unarmed night club deejay in the neck at close range at a local bar in Nairobi.

He was charged with attempted murder, jailed for seven days and later released on bail pending completion of the case.

“A mad man may sometimes speak a true word but watch him, he will add something that will tell you that his mind is still spoilt. If that is his [Bobi Wine] thinking then museveni has every reason to silence him,” another Kenyan – Lamek Bosire commented on Twitter.

From a number of comments on the post, many respondents blasted Bobi Wine, a self proclaimed champion of the youth agenda for siding with someone who is “selfish and against youth development.

Read all comments on the posts below.

Bobi Wine and Owino have been friends for a long time despite a long record of human rights abuse by the latter.

In 2018, the Ugandan government banned Owino from entering Uganda over conspiring with his Ugandan counterpart to undermine the government of President Museveni.

“Honorable Babu Owino is officially declared as persona non grata within the borders of Uganda and will not be permitted entry without special clearance from the Ministry of Internal Affairs,” then Internal Affairs Minister Jeje Odong said.

Babu would later put out a statement attacking the Ugandan government but this was also met with bitter reactions from Kenyans on Twitter who blasted the legislator for seeking unnecessary attention by involving self in foreign politics while failing at home.

“How can u purport to stand for human rights in Uganda while in Kenya u are working with Kenyatta and Raila Odinga who murdered 500 Kenyans in the run up to their fake handshake. There is nothing about human rights. Just necessary inconveniences,” a one Baba Elinyo said in 2018.



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