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Uganda Baati Launches e-Commerce Platform to Ease Consumer Purchase

Uganda Baati Sales Head Jeff Anthony speaking at the launch

Uganda Baati Limited has launched the first of its kind e-commerce platform in the steel manufacturing sector (shop.ugandabaati.co.ug ) that will enable customers shop, place an order and pay for their preferred roof sheets from anywhere and at any time.

The new platform was developed in a bid to improve the customer buying and procurement experience and to make their products accessible to Ugandans. Having a strong e-commerce platform can make all the difference for businesses as they have the chance to reach further giving them a wider customer base. Making it appealing is an important factor, that is why using something similar to web design melbourne services or services within a closer location, can provide a website easy to look at and use, meeting customers needs with hopeful returns.

The platform, according to Uganda Baati officials will serve both the retail and SME clients.

The new e-commerce platform is a game-changer for Uganda Baati as it is the first of its kind in the steel manufacturing sector in Uganda. This could grow further by incorporating multiple sellers across the world in this platform that sell steel and its products. During this age of globalization, a country may not only want to sell products domestically but would also like to have a global outreach. Integrating a solution similar to a appscenic dropship and tracking management system, e-commerce businesses would be able to better streamline their business processes to further their venture’s reach. They can also assist in making sure that they publicize the unique products of any country to the global population. That said, besides this, the firm can also increase its popularity in other ways. In addition to enabling easy purchases from their platform, they can offer their customers e-gift cards, online rewards, and e-vouchers, which can be acquired after making purchases. These gift cards, which can be sent easily using gift card API, can be redeemed by the customers after making any purchase of large quantity, thereby motivating them to keep coming to the sellers again and again.

“We pride ourselves in investing heavily in innovations that ultimately translate into customers getting the best value from us. Our e-commerce platform will enable our customers conveniently shop, order and purchase roofing solutions from where ever they may be thus saving on time and all costs incurred when coming to our service centers and hardware shops,” said Uganda Baati business head George Arodi.

Currently, there is no platform on the steel market in Uganda that offers ultimate convenience.

For one to purchase a steel and roofing’s product of their choice, they have to leave whatever they are doing and physically move to any point of purchase for the product.

As the world evolves through technological advancements and embraces digital innovations to solve and meet human needs, Uganda Baati has identified innovations in ITC as a necessity in easing the customer purchase journey and enhancing the whole customer experience.

As the world and the country adjust to the pandemic and the new normal, the e-commerce platform will go a long way in ensuring that customers continue to have access to UBL brands, can shop, transact remotely and safely.

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