We Shall Not Bow to Pressure from Terrorists – AIGP Kasingye

The Uganda Police Force has warned that they aren’t ready to bow to the pressure from Terrorists’ who are currently dropping bombs in the country’s capital Kampala.

Speaking to Journalists in Soroti City on Wednesday afternoon the Police Chief Political Commissar AIGP Asan Kasingye revealed that Police isn’t ready to go on their knees or bow to pressure from the terrorists whom he termed as cowards.

“As police we are ready and we are going to handle these criminals. Their cowardly actions can’t intimidate us. We are equipped to handle them,” Kasingye said.

He further added, as a police force they are not ready and willing to allow the terrorists to taint bad the image of the police force which he said that it has taken them years to build.

“You can’t start dropping bombs in the city and you expect us to bow to your pressure. The image we have built is strong and with the help of the CCTV cameras we are going to weed out all this criminals,” He noted.

The soft spoken AIGP also called on the members of Public to become vigilant to help the force in eliminating the wrong elements in Society.

“I call upon the members of the public to work with us. As a country we candela with this terrorists if we come together,” he appealed

On Tuesday, a country registered a total of three blasts including among others the blast at Kampala Central Police station, Parliamentary Avenue and the other in jubilee house which according to Kasingye actions that were meant to discredit the force.

The Islamic State has come out to claim the attack in Uganda but the government insists the attack was conducted by Allied Development Forces rebels Operating in the neighboring DRC.

John Ogulei