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South Sudan Generals, Ministers Conclude Post-Conflict Peace Building Seminar in Rwanda


High-ranking military and political leaders from South Sudan on last Friday concluded a five-day post-conflict seminar organized by the Reconstituted Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (RJMEC), in partnership with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and the Rwanda Peace Academy (RPA) in Musanze, Rwanda  

 According to RJMEC, the seminar aimed at identifying challenges and opportunities for post-conflict peacebuilding, reconstruction, and stabilization in the Republic of South Sudan. It was also an effort to enhance trust and confidence amongst South Sudan leaders while drawing on the unique experience of Rwanda in post-conflict resolution.

Speaking during the closing ceremony of the workshop on behalf of the RJMEC Interim Chairperson, Maj. Gen. Charles Tai Gituai, the RJMEC Deputy Chief of Staff-Strategy, Dr. Thomson Fontaine, called on the participants to now embark on a “renewed drive” towards the implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan.

“Indeed, much remains to be done in restoring sustainable peace in South Sudan, but with your full involvement, and efforts to boldly confront the emerging challenges, I am confident that we will see the day when government structures are fully operational both at national and sub-national levels,” Dr. Fontaine said. “Unified national forces are deployed, the constitution-making process completed, refugees and the internally displaced have returned to their homes, transitional justice mechanisms become operational, economic and social reforms take root, and free and fair elections are held.”

He added that by working together, the South Sudanese leaders will ensure that lasting peace and the consequent development and prosperity is realized in South Sudan.

The seminar with the theme; “Senior Leadership Post-Conflict Peacebuilding, Reconstruction and Stabilization Course” was the third seminar aimed at such high-level South Sudanese participants, with one also previously held in Musanze, and another in Nairobi. 



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