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Prophet Brian Kagyezi Applauded for His Continued Generosity in Feeding Over 1000 Families


Prophet Brian Kagyezi of Pneuma Word Ministries International has been hailed by Nakawa Division leaders for his unceasing generosity in feeding over 1000 families for now 3 consecutive years.

The ministry founded by Prophet Brian Kagyezi explained to TheTowerPost that the compassionate wave was in the spirit of the ministry’s season of celebration as it marked its 4th anniversary.

A total of 13 zones in the Northern Part of Kampala and some parts of Wakiso received Christmas food items worth millions of Uganda shillings.

The flamboyant celebration that happened on 19th December 2021 was seen by multitudes of people from different communities with their area leaders.  It was also graced by leaders from Nakawa division.

Congregants at the celebration

Speaking to the congregation last Sunday at the Feed A Thousand service at the Pneuma Miracle grounds, the deputy speaker of Nakawa division Hon. Jaliya Nalubwama revealed how she was impressed by how Prophet Brian Kagyezi has stood with thousands of families for 3 years constantly.

“We have big challenges and needs in our communities and when God sends people like Prophet Brian Kagyezi to us and do such big things, then we are forever thankful to God for him and we pray that God will preserve you for us and your family as you continue to be more generous forever,” said Hon. Nalubwama the deputy speaker who doubled also as the guest of honor.

 Many other local leaders greatly recognized Prophet Brian Kagyezi for his steadfast love towards their communities by continuously standing with vulnerable families.

The chairperson of Walufumbe zone Grace Kamoga said, the presence of Pneuma in the community has brought about so much peace that cases of crime are hardly heard of and it is all because of the reputation of the church.

The joy of receiving a Christmas blessing

Gloria Rukundo a local leader expressed her joy and gratitude for the church choosing to constantly stand with needy people.

“Our communities appreciate you so much for what you have done for us right from the inception of this gesture and we pray to God who carries the master key of blessings to bless you and everyone in your ministry who choose to be a part of this project.” Said Mrs. Rukundo

The chairperson for women and elderly people in Kyanja central zone HajjatiHanifaNatengeKakoma added her voice to other leaders too, appreciating Pneuma for their love for people even in the hardest of times of Covid19.

“When Feed A thousand started, they were few people but now when we hear Feed A 1000 is coming to an end in 2021 and something new and bigger is coming, we are excited and thankful to the Lord. Even when we do not know how many people the Prophet is planning to feed over the next season but I am believing God that he will this time feed globally because God has no limits and Prophet has removed the barriers,” said Hajjati Hanifa.

The founder and President of Pneuma Word Church Prophet Brian Kagyezi while addressing the church said, there was a lot in store being worked on and so in the next coming years, the ministry may not be about food alone but into other things like giving out scholarships.

He continued to say, “We are such a lucky church because we have a great relationship with our leaders. We understand the scripture that says leadership comes from God and for us as a ministry we understand and respect our leaders.”

Feed a 1000was birthed in 2018 under Prophet Brian Kagyezi Ministries and is an annual event held to give back to vulnerable families in the neighboring communities of the church.

Prophet Brian Kagyezi is highly spoken of his accuracy in demonstrating the spirit of God through prophecy. He is also known to be the spiritual son to Malawian based international preacher, prophet Shepherd Bushiri, commonly known as Major 1.



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