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Female Passenger Dies in Taxi from Kampala Enroute to Sembabule


There was panic in a taxi travelling to Sembabule from Kampala on Tuesday afternoon following the death of a female passenger. The 22-year-old Rose Nampiima reportedly boarded the taxi from New Taxi park in Kampala while feeling unwell.

Elly Mutumba, the driver of the taxi registration number UBG 117B that plies the Kampala-Sembabule route, says that Nampiima was accompanied to the taxi park by her aunt identified as Josephine Nakayondo, who asked him to take her to Sembabule.

Mutumba says that Nampiima was not feeling well at the time she boarded the taxi with other passengers. He however says that when the taxi reached Bukomansimbi, Nampiima blacked out attracting the attention of other passengers on board.

The driver was forced to stop the vehicle to see what had gone wrong after appeals from fellow passengers about her condition. Mutumba then checked and found that Nampiima had passed on in her seat throwing the other passengers in shock.

He then proceeded to Sembabule taxi park, offloaded the passengers and reported the matter to Sembabule police station. Homicide detectives visited the taxi park with a doctor and examined the body but no external injuries were found.

Police opened inquiries at Sembabule police station vide Sembabule DEF 004/2022. Police later called Nakayondo who linked them to Nampiima’s mother who said that she was aware of her daughter’s deteriorating health condition and she had requested her aunt to send her back home for more attention.

Muhammad Nsubuga, the Southern Regional Police spokesperson says that they have recorded statements from the driver, other passengers and the mother of the deceased. He says that the deceased’s body was taken to Sembabule Health Centre IV for postmortem as investigations continue.



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