Long Distance Relationships: How to Know if Your Partner is in Love

Keeping and making a long distance relationship to work may be one of the greatest undertakings that any couple can have.

Some people have the ability to endure and just go with the flow while others can actually have fun regardless of the physical absence of the person they are in a relationship with. So how do you know if your partner is in love with you?

They give you their time

When your partner is in love, even if it’s a long distance relationship, he/she is excited and motivated to spend time with you. Not only time, but quality time.

Another way to know if the partner is serious about the relationship is to check if your partner contacts you first. This will show you whether or not your long distance partner is eager to spend time with you. If you are always the one that contacts the other and plan things to spend time together, then something is wrong.

They Do Not Forget Important Dates

When your partner is truly in love and cares for the relationship, they make an effort to remember important dates such an anniversaries or birthdays. By doing this, even during a new generation of sex games, they are proving that you are important to them and that they take their relationship seriously. For instance, when they remember the relationship anniversary and your birthday intentionally, it’s a good sign of true love. They would also try their best to visit you on these days, just to make you feel special and loved. In case, they are unable to make it, they would at least ensure that you receive the warmth they could have provided, maybe by sending you cute stuffed toys or Anime Body Pillow. These little things make a big difference in making any relationship thrive.

They do their best to try to visit you as much as possible

Taking trips can be expensive and it certainly is never free. Therefore when your partner makes it a point to come to see you, it proves that he or she really cares. Besides, the fact that they are putting you as a priority and making time amid their hectic schedule also goes to show how much they care.

This means that they are willing to spend money and time to get where you are. In a long distance relationship visitation is crucial for its survival. Not everybody is willing to travel to see somebody so if your partner does so, it means they are pretty serious about loving you and about being in a relationship with you.

You Had a Big Fight and the Relationship is Still Intact

Fights can be especially rough on long distance relationships because you guys are not around each other physically to try and soften the blow. This is why when you have a big fight and survive it means that your relationship is pretty solid and serious. If you can talk it out in spite of being away from each other, then that means the foundation of your relationship is rock solid and cannot be disturbed by conflicts, no matter how big. If you and your partner both have the resolve to stick it out, then you can make it work.

They plan the future with you and respect your choices and needs

Another sign that your long-distance partner is serious about your relationship is that they talk about the future with you or long-term plans for the relationship. This can show up in your relationship in several different ways. It could come in the form of them looking at wedding planning tips online, discussions about buying a home or land, moving to another place together, and many more. They will also want to incorporate you into their future plans – even if it is solely for their individual plan.

Most importantly, they care for and respect your choices and needs. For instance, if you tell them that you want she sheds constructed in your house when you get married, they respect the decision and help you achieve the task. If they are truly in love with you, they would also care to gather more information on the subject matter.


Keep in mind that love is not something that happens overnight. Yes, you might be attracted to each other at the first sight, but it would take a lot more than mere infatuation to keep the relationship alive. The efforts, the behavior, and the actions are all the things that matter the most in a relationship.

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