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South Sudanese Students at Gulu Central High Accused of Having Guns in School


A number of South Sudanese students studying at Gulu Central High School have been accused of illegally possessing firearms within the school premises.

Gulu Central High, a private school owned by Dr. David Onen Otto in Pece-Laroo division has at least 300 students who are natives of South Sudan.

On Saturday, there was uproar among parents and local authorities of the area where the school is located when concerns were raised that some of the South Sudanese students have been seen with guns and live ammunition within the school premises and their respective dormitories.

The meeting was convened by the school administration to find everlasting peace among the students and administration after complaints were raised that the South Sudanese students were being favored and some of them possessed firearms.

Samuel Ongwech, a parent says his child notified him that one of the South Sudanese students was found in possession of live bullets and a pistol in his briefcase but the matter was not handled.

He noted that this is risky to the safety of the children and demanded that the school carry out a thorough investigation into the matter.

Michael Oneka, another parent says that his child told him that before the strike, one of the South Sudanese students was found illegally possessing four live ammunition in the school but the matter was also silenced by the school administration.

Oneka who also doubted the capabilities of security personnel at the school tasked the school administration to avail parents with a status of their findings on those illegally possessing firearms since it is risky for their children.

Alfred Otema, the Bwonagweno village local chairperson and chairperson security committee where the school is located expressed worries and tasked the school authorities to involve the area defense secretary and authorities to screen the students when they return to school this week.

However Alex Okot, a guardian who represented 15 of the South Sudanese students during the meeting noted those found on the wrong should be penalized.

The Director Dr. David Onen Otto who attended the meeting declined to comment.



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