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I Enjoyed Life with My Mum in Dubai Thanks to Radiocity 97FM

Ryan Magala having a good time with his mother

Many Kampala men would travel with their girlfriend or side dish on an all expenses trip to Dubai, but here comes Ryan Magala, who seems to be an ordinary Kampala man.

Ryan won a fully paid trip to the biggest Afrobeats event, the Afrozons Soundoff in Dubai. The trip was organised by Afrozons, RivExcel, sponsored by Dubai tourism and Kampala’s finest station, Radiocity 97FM.

He had to choose one person of his choice and he chose his mother. Ryan says this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and it was only right he would enjoy this trip with someone special, and that was Mom.

He was so surprised he even withheld the news until a few weeks to the trip and his mother only took him seriously once she got email confirmation about the trip from Afrozons.

Ryan (R), his mother (L) and a colleague in Dubai (C)

Of course Ryan enjoyed every bit of the trip, the flight, the views, the desert party headlined by Nigerian superstar DBanj and the Desert Safari party but for his mother the food and the Visit to the Palm View hotel stood out the most.

Asked if he would choose her one more time in case he won another all expenses paid trip to any part of the world, he says, “..(deep laughter)… no I would choose another special person, and I think she would not get mad at me she would understand”

The Afrozons Dubai SoundOff happened from 3rd to 9th March 2022. The winners from Uganda won courtesy of Radiocity 97fm. Follow the station on Twitter (@97fmRadiocity) and on Instagram (@97fmRadiocity) for updates on where the next trip will be.



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