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South Sudan: SPLA-IO Returns to Security Mechanism with a Call for Action

Maj. Gen, Martin Gama Abucha

The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army in Opposition (SPLM/A-IO) representatives to the Ceasefire Transitional Security Monitoring and Verification Mechanism (CTSAMVM) have fully returned to participate in the outfit’s meetings with a strong call for action on ceasefire violations.

SPLM/A-IO’s senior representatives fully participated in the CTSAMVM Technical Committee (CTC) meeting on Monday, April 25, 2022, in Juba about a month after they temporarily suspended their participation in the meetings.

Maj. Gen. Martin Gama Abucha, a Senior SPLM/A-IO party representative at the CTC meeting, on Monday, said the meeting was important as it marks their return to CTSAMVM after the establishment of the unified command and that they withdrew on 21 March due to the escalating ceasefire violations.

“If we are unified as one command, why do we continue to fight in Jekou, Leer, Mirmir, Maban, Longechuk? So, this posed a question here to ask ourselves; was this unified command established to improve and implement the agreement?” Gen. Abucha asked. “It is a question that we all need to raise today that the unified command has been established and we are supposed to be sitting in one line but why are we still fighting ourselves?”

He emphasized that the issue of reports of attacks between the peace signatories is a very important concern that should be addressed in the meeting.

“There has got to be investigations, from 21 March until today (Monday 25 April) there are many incidents that have happened. The violations of the agreement which can derail the peace process are too significant to be ignored” he added. “The resources that we have should be utilized to investigate these issues rather than being utilized for other non-significant issues. I do understand there are others also considered significant but where lives are lost are too significant to be ignored.”

Gen. Abucha urged CTSAMVM to ensure investigations, especially human rights violations, are carried out timely.

CTSAMVM Chairperson Lt. Gen. Asrat Denero Amad in his remarks said since the last CTC meeting, the mechanism has received reports of at least 8 alleged incidents, including the ambush and destruction of two MSF vehicles near Yei on 28 February 2022.  

He added that since Jan 2022, armed clashes between the peace partners in Unity and Upper Nile states have significantly undermined the permanent ceasefire.

“I would ask you all to focus on the information and reports that will be presented today so that we can come up with realistic actions which will help protect the ceasefire and help move the peace process forward,” Gen. Denero said.

Meanwhile, Maj. Gen. Rabi Mujung, the SSPDF representative said they will discuss constructively to reach logical conclusions.



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