South Sudan: Drunk SSPDF Soldier Arrested for Shooting at “Yei For Jesus” Cross

A drunk SSPDF soldier has been arrested after opening fire at a famous crucifix of Jesus in Yei town of Central Equatoria State.

This was confirmed by Ayite Susana, the press secretary in the office of the Commissioner of Yei County.

She said the intoxicated soldier was coming from Lasu Payam on Saturday when he spotted the 30 meters tall monument and shot at it.

The combatant whose name and ranks have been withheld by the police sprayed the cross with bullets at the roundabout before he was arrested.

“What happened is an SSPDF officer from Lasu came to Yei town very drunk and he just shot at a cross, it is a cross of Jesus Christ at the main roundabout of Yei River County,” Ayite Susana said.

“He didn’t hand himself over to the police but he was arrested and taken to police custody. Then later on, he was confirmed to be drunk, he is drunk that’s why he shot at the cross of Jesus Christ.”

The soldier who is now sober reportedly said he regretted the incident and that he was just drunk.

The crucifix was erected on the Christmas Eve of 2015 by Christians from different denominations as a sign of faith in Jesus Christ.

On top of the cross is a slogan that reads “Yei for Jesus” while at the bottom, another piece of writing reads “Ngun kata” in Bari language which means “God is present”.

Koch Madut