The African Talent Company Launches in Uganda with an Expanded Talent Management Mandate

The African Talent Company (TATC) has launched in Uganda where it owns the leading jobs and career platform BrighterMonday Uganda.

The African Talent Company (TATC), formerly known as Ringier One Africa Media Jobs (ROAM Jobs) owns the BrighterMonday brand in East Africa (Kenya and Uganda) and Jobberman brand in West Africa (Nigeria and Ghana) and will unlock the next level of talent management across Africa.

TATC is well equipped to meet employers where they are and effectively match them with the best talent. Companies will have access to a more robust catalogue of HR solutions and services that are tailored and designed to be accessible across a wide range of requirements, including:

  • Digital recruitment solutions: Enhancing its self-service online products, which are designed for efficiency and allow for easier and more effective matching via the company’s large candidate database.
  • Offline recruitment solutions: Expanding its range of bespoke, concierge-based solutions for more complex hiring needs. 
  • Manpower outsourcing: Developing highly specialised offerings for niche customers, with a growing demand for transactional jobs. This will include augmenting its offering with skills development as well as technology-enabled onboarding and benefits management.

To provide more career development support, The African Talent Company will be investing further in the e-learning space and developing a winning suite of diverse, easy-to-use, self-service online products for upskilling candidates on its platform.

Jobseekers will also benefit from timely access to relevant job listings, visibility to top companies hiring, and career developmental support while employers can access quality candidates in a cost-saving and efficient recruitment process.

The African Talent Company Chief Executive Officer, Hilda Kabushenga Kragha said, “The world of work has evolved rapidly in the past two years. Increased digitisation has made remote work, gig work, and BPO become mainstream, further highlighting the great skills divide in Africa and the need to invest in the training of young Africans if we are to effectively participate in this new, globally competitive workforce. Our new mandate will see us move beyond the traditional marketplace and begin to holistically tackle the challenges we see in our labour markets in a hybrid approach that benefits both seekers and employers. As pioneers and leaders in Africa’s labour markets, we are evolving to expand our reach and impact as a brand by moving into this new era as The African Talent Company.”

Adding to Hilda’s remarks, Brian Ntambirweki, the BrighterMonday Uganda CEO said,  “As part of The African Talent Company, BrighterMonday Uganda will be in position to better leverage our continental experience to deliver an expanded range of services and solutions to match the right talent and to the right opportunities. TATC will also be able to utilize her stellar corporate governance structures to partner with international organizations looking to solve the youth unemployment challenge across Africa through large scale skilling and job matching programmes”

Audrey Ninsiima