Computer Store Uganda Limited: Providing Home-Grown IT Solutions for Ugandan Businesses

In this new age and era, every individual and business globally needs Technology to grow and diversify its operations.

And with the recent shockwave brought by the Covid19 pandemic, people’s way of life has tremendously taken a twist. Technology now affects the way individuals operate, communicate, learn, and think.

It helps society and determines how people interact with each other daily. Even in some societies where it had been seen as just a luxury, Technology has become a pivot upon which the lives of people and businesses rotate.

It, however, comes with its disadvantages, especially in Uganda where most of it is imported and the much-needed solutions and services are scarce, making them pricey and sometimes not up to standard since the country is slow at undertaking it.

These issues are however being tackled by a team of Ugandans at Computer Store Uganda Limited, a Ugandan IT company based in Kampala which has brought together industry experts to provide the much-needed IT services for Ugandan local businesses, families, and individuals.

Who is Computer Store Uganda Limited?

Founded in 2011 by dynamic IT professionals, Computer Store Uganda Limited is based in the Capital Kampala. The company has the capacity to manage large-scale IT projects while also focusing on the service and maintenance of IT equipment.

Having been in existence for over 10 years now, the company continues to aspire to be the leading IT service provider in the East African region, focusing on service, preventive maintenance, and IT Project management. These services are provided with a hands-on, practical, and customer-oriented approach.

“Our mission is to add value and contribute to our client’s long-term success and competitive strength. This is accomplished by helping clients to identify solutions that improve performance, by assisting in implementing those solutions, and by aiding in managing the subsequent change,” Charles Parker, the Team Lead at Computer Store Uganda Limited told this website.

“We also believe that the success of every project will be determined by the consideration given during the selection of a competent vendor. We possess a proven ability to deliver and are committed to providing quality products,” he added.

Over the 10 years that Computer Store Uganda has been in operation, they have served a number of clients both local and international. Their client profile includes Government MDAs, Banks, Insurance companies, and NGOs among others.

This, they have been able to achieve through their proven track record and not forgetting their strategic partnerships with global Tech giants like WhatsApp, Lenovo, HP, Dell Technologies Samsung, Microsoft, Google, and Kaspersky.

Services Offered by Computer Store Uganda Limited

1. IT Support Services

Ideally, the management of one’s IT infrastructure should enhance their business strategy. Computer Store Uganda has gathered the needed experts with intellect and expertise to offer support in various end-to-end services.

2. Data Recovery Services

Computer Store Uganda Limited can recover data from failed disks suffering from logical or mechanical failure.  When you deal with them, you have the assurance that you are dealing with a reputable company with many years of data recovery experience.

3. Digital Marketing and Management

As a business, you want to communicate with your current and prospective clientele in real time which is why you definitely need Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing and Management is a part of the overall strategy and hands-on methodologies that Computer Store Uganda offers to help their clients expose their services and products.

4. CCTV Camera and Alarm Installation

The current advancement of communications infrastructure has opened up a new world of CCTV remote surveillance.

Computer Store Uganda Limited can provide customized CCTV and alarm solutions for your office, home, commercial property, or compound.

5. ICT Consultancy

As country and regions at large rush to take adopt technology, you need the right advice on what will work better for you or your business.

The team at Computer Store Uganda has experience in business computing and technical operations. From requirements gathering to IT infrastructure strategy, they are the go-to team to set you up and get you moving.

6. Network Infrastructure Solutions and Services.

Computer Store Uganda Limited provides complete end-to-end Communications and Infrastructure Solutions, which include development, design, installation, and maintenance solutions for all types of data networks.

7. Computer Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Service

For your peace of mind, you need assurance that whenever there is an issue with your computers at your office, there is a standby team that will sort you in the shortest time possible.

Computer Store Uganda is engaged in providing cost-effective Computer Hardware & Networking AMC solutions to its clients in Government, Corporate, Hospitality, and educational sectors.

8. Website Hosting and Development.

Your website is your address online. For people to be able to access your products or services, you need a well-designed and maintained website. Computer Store Uganda has an experienced team of web designers and developers working to provide their clients with the best ergonomic websites that they also host.

Being locally based further gives them an edge over international hosts who will rather keep you in line waiting should your website have an issue. For a Ugandan-based host, a quick phone call will have you back and running in no time.

9. General Supply

Computer Store Uganda also deals in the supply of all types of computer software and hardware for individuals, small businesses, enterprises, organizations, government and so much more.

Their partnerships with global tech giants guarantee you that you will get the original equipment from the real manufacturers.

10. Call Center Solutions and Phone Systems

Communication is key for your business and for the convenience of your customers. Computer Store Uganda offers call center phone systems that enable you to make faster calls and save time. This will not only enhance communication in the office but also boost the productivity of your employees.

“We have handled small – large-scale projects and have over the years implemented solutions for numerous organizations of all sizes. Our growing list of satisfied customers not only acts as our excellent references but is also a source of our repeat business, Computer Store Uganda Limited offers a truly end-to-end and customer-focused execution approach,” Parker said.

He emphasized that; “At Computer Store Uganda Limited we resolve 99% of all our customer’s IT Related problems on the first try.”

This, he says is because the company has brought together highly skilled professionals who possess expertise in diverse Business and Technology areas.

“To provide world-class service, we employ the best technicians, adhere to proven methodology, provide superior client service and become a true business partner in every project.”

“We render services to our clients at a very competitive price and depending on the type of client engagement we offer them the most suitable pricing model structure which could either be fixed price based, time and effort based or a dedicated offshore team model,” he added.

Computer Store Uganda is located on Plot 133, Kira Road, Kamwokya, Kampala-Uganda.

You can contact them via their email; or

Visit them at

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