Ugandan Court Sets New Date for Ruling in Kampala University, South Sudanese Students Case

A Ugandan court pushed back a verdict scheduled for 17 August in the case of Kampala University and its South Sudanese students.

In July, the court started hearing the case of about 300 South Sudanese students denied graduation at the Kampala University main campus in June.

The South Sudanese students, who completed their studies at the Juba-based Kampala University branch, were not cleared to graduate, which prompted them to take the Ugandan higher learning institution to court in Kampala.

One of the lawyers defending the students, Stephen Nelson said on Wednesday that the court has set October for the final ruling on the case of South Sudanese students and Kampala University.

 “Yesterday, the case was coming up for mention; it was not for final ruling… In other words, the hearing has been concluded, so what is left is the ruling,” he explained.

According to the lawyer, the court said the final ruling on the case will be on 7 October.

The juba-based branch of Kampala University has been mired with controversies over its legality. The South Sudanese students said they had fulfilled the university’s financial and academic requirements.

Chol Mawel