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C-Care IHK Launches CT Scan Machine


Today C-Care IHK is launching their new state-of-the-art CT Scan machine.

CT Scan is the newest addition towards the hospital’s continued commitment to fulfilling upon its mission statement to bring quality healthcare to all, and as the leading provider of private medical services, it is paramount that C-Care institutions continue to improve and evolve to meet the needs of the patients.

In his speech, the CEO of C-Care Group, Sukhmeet Sandhu said, “Our commitment to improving Ugandan healthcare is stronger than ever, and we hope that this new CT Scan machine will enhance our ability to do so, streamlining and improving our capacity for diagnosis and thus, treatment.”

“Our world class establishments provide access to superlative healthcare, with exemplary medical professionals, extensive health services and exceptional facilities and equipment, and the CT Scan is a valued addition to that portfolio. We are committed to adapting to fulfil patient needs, and that is why I am eager to launch our CT Scan at C-Care IHK in our continued effort to bring stellar international standard service to Uganda” he added.

The General Manager of C-Care IHK, Dr. Miriam Mutero supplemented the CEO’s statement, saying “C-Care IHK has provided accessible, comprehensive healthcare to our patients for over 23 years, and has maintained our ethos of holistic healing throughout. Treating your ailments has always been and remains our immediate priority, and treatment begins with accurate identification and diagnosis. Our CT Scan provides high quality image scans of your entire body at elevated speeds to give you a better, faster diagnosis.”

C-Care IHK has maintained a reputation of accessible medical attention, stellar treatment from talented doctors, nurses and technicians; with a recognised emphasis on providing patients with the treatment they need at the standard they deserve.

C-Care IHK constantly brings to its client’s better services, and that includes equipping world-class physicians with the tools best-suited to deliver first-rate medical care.



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