Ecobank Launches “Uganda We Go” Campaign

Ecobank has launched their new “Uganda We Go” campaign, a campaign which presents the bank as a partner for goal-oriented individuals, a facilitator that can propel them to new heights and enable them to achieve their ambitions and realise their aspirations: the bank that empowers them to “Go For More” by offering them optimum financial solutions.

As Ecobank Managing Director Grace B Muliisa noted in her speech, “Uganda is an entrepreneurial state that has ever-increasing innovations and businesses, and as a bank we are meeting you at your point of need, to grow with you to where you want to be.

“We want to see the person selling Rolexes on the street soon supplying his/her products in corporate offices; we want to see the tailor down in Kamwokya recognized and rewarded with a global platform and clientele. All of this can be achieved through our new campaign “Uganda We Go”. We want to inspire our clients to “Go For More”,” she elaborated.

Ecobank’s “Uganda We Go” campaign will run for 4 months, aligning with the diverse portfolio of products on offer, tailored so that customers can choose the products and packages that will best facilitate their goals and objectives. The purpose of this campaign hinges upon Ecobank’s firm belief that they are best-suited to expand their clients’ access and opportunity by delivering innovative financial solutions.

Ecobank have established themselves as the Pan-African bank — with over 36 intercontinental branches, including Uganda — and have garnered a reputation that the campaign would suggest makes them the ideal partner for the innovative, entrepreneurial clientele in Uganda in an increasingly globalised content and world.

Eric Geno