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The Horrific Injury Suffered by Ashley Westwood


Football is a sport that also has risks of its own. When making online sports betting from 1xBet, make sure to explore the great section that this bookmaker dedicates to this discipline.

From time to time, professional footballers suffer serious injuries that leave them out of competition for a few months. In worst cases, their whole careers can be in jeopardy.

What happened on the 17th of April 2022 was a horrific example of a player who suffered an unfortunate injury. It’s even worse when thinking that it was completely accidental. In other words, this injury was not caused due to a foul made by another player. Right now from 1xBet you can start making online sports betting on plenty of football matches from all over the world.

West Ham vs Burnley

On the aforementioned day, a Premier League match between West Ham and Burnley was being played. The contest was a completely normal one until approximately the 25th minute. Before the next match of the exciting English Premier League, make sure to play casino online on 1xbet.com/en/casino website.

Burnley midfielder Ashley Westwood went to grab a loose ball. West Ham player Nikola Vlasic also had the same idea. Both players became entangled on the floor. However, it quickly became apparent that something serious had happened. This is because:

  • Westwood remained sitting on the floor pointing to one of his legs;
  • Vlasic immediately dropped to the ground in tears after looking at Westwood’s leg;
  • the Burnley player needed lengthy treatment by the medical teams of both squads.

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An accidental occurrence

Nikola Vlasic was really distressed about what he saw. Fortunately, he quickly received support from his teammates and even from Burnley players. After all, he had nothing to do with Westwood’s injury itself. He was only next to him when he suffered this serious occurrence. At this moment your live bet is on 1xBet, and it can be taken advantage of while wagering on all matches from the English Premier League.

Ashley Westwood was immediately taken to a hospital. The diagnosis was a broken tibia, fibula and also a dislocated ankle, which is something that can leave footballers out of action for many months. He underwent surgery that thankfully turned out to be quite successful. Only a few decades ago these kinds of injuries would have signaled the end of a footballer’s career, but not in the current era. You can find your live bet on 1xBet, which is the best website to wager on the most exciting football competitions from all over the world.



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