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The Huge Controversy of the 2009 Algeria Vs Egypt Football Matches


The 2009 Algeria vs Egypt football matches were a series of two games that sparked a huge controversy and heightened tensions between the two nations. At this time the best betting online is on 1xbet.ug, and this platform can also be used to wager on matches from those two teams.

The matches were part of the qualifying rounds for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, with Algeria and Egypt vying for a spot in the tournament.

The first match was played in Bilda, Algeria, where the home team won 3-1. The goalscorers were:

  • Karim Matmour;
  • Abdelkader Ghezzal;
  • Rafik Djebbour;
  • and Mohamed Aboutrika.

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Significant escalations before the second match

The second game was going to be played in Cairo. Prior to the match, things began to heat up quite badly. There were even cyberattacks from Egyptian citizens that took down several Algerian websites. Egyptian fans began attacking Algerian players and supporters in their hotel as well. Don’t forget to visit 1xbet.ug/live/ – best live bets can be made on matches of the Egyptian team too.

Things became so bad that things escalated into the political level. In fact, there were many people asking for the match to be canceled. This didn’t happen, as FIFA requested and got the necessary security guarantees from the Egyptians. If you follow the Algerian national side, you can make your best live bets on all its matches on the 1xBet platform.

The Egyptians won this second match 2-0. This created an undesirable situation, as both Algeria and Egypt ended tied in everything. This meant that a third match would be needed in order to break this tie.

The unwanted third match

For this third match, the stakes were even higher. After all, the winning team would go to the 2010 FIFA World Cup, while the losing one would be eliminated. You can try football betting online now on 1xBet on all matches of the FIFA World Cup too.

A neutral venue was chosen to play the contest, which eventually was Omdurman in Sudan. The city prepared itself for the match almost as if they were hosting a presidential summit, as there were huge security measures.

The Algerians won the match 1-0 with a goal from Antar Yahia. However, multiple other incidents followed this contest. It is fair to say that those football matches won’t be forgotten anytime soon. At this moment you can try online football betting now on the 1xBet platform on other decisive qualifying matches as well.


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