South Sudan: Nilepet Represents a Strong Partner for International Players, Says Managing Director

South Sudan national oil company (NOC) Nilepet is inviting global investors and project developers to partner, invest and help grow the country’s promising energy market.

With a focus on accelerating the development of the entire energy value chain, the NOC is working towards establishing new partnerships across the upstream, midstream and downstream, and will leverage its position as the official Host Sponsor as well as exclusive sponsor of the Gala Dinner to engage with potential players during this year’s edition of the South Sudan Oil & Power (SSOP) conference and exhibition taking place from June 14-16 in Juba.

In 2023, Nilepet is looking at advancing exploration and production across the country. The NOCs ultimate goal is to increase investment in the upstream, bringing new fields online and driving energy security on a regional basis. Against a backdrop of economic surety and stability, the NOC is inviting companies and investors that can contribute to developing the upstream and downstream sectors – specifically regarding technology, innovation, project development and finance – to join the nascent market.

With a skilled workforce at the ready, South Sudan requires technology transfer and innovation to kickstart development and the expansion of the industry. According to Eng. Bernard Amuor Makeny, Managing Director of Nilepet, “We have a lot of very talented people in this country. The skills are enormous but we have not used them for many years. This is an opportunity for us to showcase them. We are the youngest nation in the world but not necessarily the youngest in terms of energy. We need help from our international partners and for that cooperation to extend internally. Nilepet is more than willing to embrace any potential investment.”

As the NOC, Nilepet represents a strong partner for international players and is welcoming those interested in both the country and wider region’s energy opportunities to attend SSOP 2023 and connect with the NOC as well as its eight subsidiaries.

In addition to partnership opportunities with the NOC itself, Eng. Makeny stated that, “Anyone that is interested in investing in the upstream, midstream and downstream are highly welcome. There are a lot of opportunities for joint ventures with our subsidiaries. We need help from our international partners. We also need cooperation to expand externally and find new players to come in.”  

SSOP 2023 will connect global players with high-level South Sudanese energy execs, creating the opportunity for partnerships to be forged and the strengthening of regional synergies. Nilepet will engage with investors during SSOP 2023, the platform where energy deals are made in 2023. 

Chol Mawel