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Minister Lugoloobi Released on Bail

Amos Lugoloobi

The Anti-Corruption Court sitting in Kampala has granted bail to State Minister for planning, Amos Lugoloobi, The Tower Post reports.

The minister who has been on remand since Monday over Karamoja iron sheets scandal was arrested on Friday night

The Principal Senior Grade One Magistrate, Ebert Asiimwe granted Lugoolobi bail on conditions that he pays Shs10 million cash, surrenders the original title of one of his pieces of land to court and that he shall not leave Uganda without seeking permission from court.

He was also ordered to surrender his diplomatic passport before each of his seven sureties were bonded at Shs100 million not cash after court found them substantial. 

“Failure to comply with the bail terms will lead to automatic cancelation of the bail,” the magistrate bellowed before adjourning the case to June 2, 2023 when he’s expected to return to court.

Earlier, Lugoloobi who has been on remand for three days arrived at court to a crowd of supporters, mostly from his Ntenjeru North constituency which he represents in Parliament.
Seemingly uncomfortable with the crowd which consisted of the minister’s relatives and several government officials and politicians from Kayunga District, including the District Woman MP, Aidah Nantaba, the magistrate said “This is not about the power of numbers but rather the law. Therefore, the crowds are not necessary.”

The court room was filled to capacity as the crowd waited for the outcome of the minster’s bail application outside the courtroom.

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