Meet Da Bigwiz, the Rising Nigerian Artiste

Da Bigwiz, whose original name is Eugene Doosughun Bulaun, is a talented and dynamic artist hailing from Nigeria.

He later found himself drawn to Uganda during his university studies, where he decided to pursue his passion for music. Known for his live and captivating performances on TikTok, Da Bigwiz has garnered a large following, entertaining people from different parts of the world.

Throughout his journey, Da Bigwiz’s TikTok lives have not only brought joy and entertainment to his audience but also led to numerous gifts from his loyal fans, which he cleverly transforms into financial support. This artistic prowess has gained him recognition and respect in the music community.

Currently, Da Bigwiz has made significant strides in his career, with his hit song “Criminal” gaining massive popularity in Uganda, topping the air charts. The song is also making waves back in Nigeria, solidifying his position as a rising star in the music scene of both countries.

Da Bigwiz’s unique blend of talent, energy, and ability to connect with his fans has set him apart as an exceptional artist with the potential for a long and successful career in the music industry. With his dedication and growing fanbase, he continues to make waves and create a lasting impact on the global music stage.

Audrey Ninsiima