Gender Ministry Prepares to Use 2024 Global Peace Festival to Tell the African Story to the World

The Minister of State of Gender and Culture Affairs, Hon. Mutuuzo Peace Regis has reaffirmed the importance of upholding African values and family identity in the face of mounting pressure from foreign entities to embrace practices that deviate from deeply ingrained African cultural traditional norms and   beliefs. During a meeting with top international leaders of the upcoming Global Peace Festival at her office in Kampala, Minister Mutuuzo condemned attempts to introduce values that destroy stability of African families and communities.

Drawing the attention of Ugandan MPs, Hon. Mutuuzo confirmed that the 559 MPs are ready to continue defending the African traditional family values and its principles that are inherently towards procreation, marriage, care and true love. These values will never be replaced by artificial constructs the west is forcing on us, Hon.Mutuuzo said.

In a collaborative spirit, the Minister welcomed the proposal to host the Global Peace Festival in Uganda, next year. She assured the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development’s unwavering commitment to spearhead the event preparations working with the Family Peace Association, Interreligious Council of East Africa, Global Peace Foundation, IGAD, AU, UNDP, Parliaments of each EAC Member States and the Private Sector.

The Minister highlighted to Ugandans the strategic importance of this event especially at such time when divorce rate is high, domestic violence in marriages increased, female genital mutilation, child abuse and misguided religious messages threaten stability of traditionally married women in polygamous families. President Jinman and David Caprara the international leaders told the Minister that, this event will provide opportunity for all people around the world to come to Uganda to celebrate the unity of the human family, showcase talents, innovations and education model for peace and economic stability in Africa.

David Caprara, strategic advisor of the Global Peace Foundation experienced solidarity with Africa’s stance on preserving traditional African values and asked all sector leaders to focus on strengthening the family institution; as it is the foundation upon which corruption, crime, immorality and poverty can end in the continent of Africa. He promised to mobilize international leaders from the west, Middle East, Asia and South America to rally their support towards this vision.  

Flanked by Jinman Kwak, the International President of the Family Peace Association thanked the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development for the partnership in arranging the forthcoming Global Peace Festival proposed to take place at Nelson Mandela National Stadium or Kololo Public Grounds. Among the distinguished attendees at the meeting was Global Peace Amb. Kambula Milton, the President of the Global Peace Foundation and other notable figures from Africa, U.S.A, UK and Dubai.

Johnson Ategeka