South Sudan: Kiir Sacks Health Minister, Information Minister and Several Officials in Four States

President Salva Kiir Mayardit on Wednesday night relieved and appointed officials including, state ministers, county commissioners, and state independent commissions, and revoked the appointment of lawmakers in four states.

The states were made in Eastern Equatoria, Jonglei, Upper Nile, and Warrap states.

In Eastern Equatoria, Kiir revoked the appointment of Lopua Paul Amalia and Cotin Thomas Pia from the SPLM and Ayo Joyce Wilson and Kata Victor Peter representing the SPLM-IO in the state parliament.  

He then appointed Ohisa Joseph Augustine, Emmanuel Justin Chongo to replace the late Tobby Savia Otto, Magdelina Iduho Morris to replace the late Dominic Otwari and Takan Kori Peter Lolip all from the SPLM, and Ayot Jennet Bitek Lazarus and Charles Logoloi Amote from the SPLM-IO.

In another decree, Kiir fired Pascal Lodai Weyakori, Minister of Health, and Patrick Otim Suprian Minister of Information and Telecommunications, all representing the SPLM.

He then appointed Cortin Thomas Pia and Elia John Alhaj of SPLM as ministers of health and information respectively.

Kiir fired the commissioner of Ikotos County, Lokolong Joseph Genesio, and replaced him with Timon Loboi Lolori Iwoto.

The president also sacked SPLM’s Peter Lokali Loge, the deputy chairperson of the anticorruption commission, and Emmanuel Justin Chongo, SPLM, a member of the Human Rights Commission.

He then appointed Abas Lomua Lorot, SPLM, as the deputy chairperson of the Anticorruption Commission and Peter Lomong Lochebe, SPLM, as a member of the Human Rights Commission.

In Jonglei State, Kiir fired the commissioner of Akobo County, John Chuol Tot Chok, SPLM-IO, and replaced him with Puok Nyang Tutjiek, SPLM-IO.

The president also revoked the appointment of Yuna Agok Ajak, SPLM-IO, to the state parliament and appointed John Mabil Alier Mayen, SPLM-IO, as his replacement. He also appointed Daniel Apua Kon Majak, SPLM-IO, to replace the late Samuel Majak Kon Majak.

In Upper Nile State, Kiir fired Musa Akik Kur, Minister of Animal Resources, Fisheries, and Tourism, and replaced him with Muzamil Ojok Ajak Deng from the SPLM/IO. 

Kiir replaced Dot Chol Lual, the chairperson of the state Employees Justice Chamber, and replaced him with Awol Chol Monyluak Chok. 

In Warrap State, President Kiir revoked the appointment of SPLM-IO members Joseph Majej Chol, Madit Mawien Ajek, Daniel Deng Agany, Buturs Aleu Dut, and, Ador Mathem Dau, as members of parliament to the Warrap State parliament.

He in turn appointed SPLM-IO members Makuei Piot Makuei, Adup Panyuon Jong, Mawien Ajou Adal, Santino Mayen Agik, Madut Akwoch Pir Madut.

Kiir also sacked SPLM-IO’s Jadallah Deng Ring, the advisor on legal affairs, and replaced him with SPLM-IO’s Makur Duol Ajok.

In another decree, Kiir removed Benjamin Piol Boi, the minister of peacebuilding, and replaced him with Madit Mawien Adiek. 

Kiir also sacked Majok Lual Akot, the chairperson of the state HIV/AIDs commission, Majok Malok Agok, the deputy chairperson of the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) and they were replaced by Deng Malek Akok, and Mabil Ater Deng of the SPLM-IO respectively.

He also fired Tonj East County Commissioner John Deng Kok, SPLM-IO, and appointed William Arop Mawit, SPLM-IO in his place.

Kiir also appointed SPLM-IO’s Simon Aguek Chan as the Commissioner of Twic County.

Chol Mawel